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Flexible Copper Conductors
Bruno Conductors
Flexible Copper Conductors
  • High Current Braids
  • Earthing Braids with fitted terminals, bare copper or tin plated
  • Power Conductors with fitted terminals. Bare copper, Tin-plated, Silver-plated, Nickel-plated. Optional insulation in PVC, Polyolefin, Silicon or Glass-Fibre
  • Round copper braid with press-lug terminals
  • Round copper braid with twisted cable conductors and press-lug terminals
  • Press-tinned laminated copper shunts
  • Press-welded laminated copper shunts
  • Flexible laminated copper shunts
  • Laminated flexible shunts for high power applications with either press-tinned or press-welded terminals with optional water or air-cooled heat sinks
  • Flexible insulated busbars
  • Press Welded Shunts
  • Copper bus-bar to drawing
  • Customer specific designs
With over 50 years of experience, Bruno Conductors are an Italian manufacturer of flexible copper conductors. A large range of standard copper braids, power conductors and laminated shunts is available from stock with pre-fitted terminals.

Custom designs of all products are a
speciality utilising CAD-CAM design
linked to CNC manufacturing systems
optimised by FEM analysis.

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